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"The carrot juice, along with the BarleyMax, make a dynamic duo in providing the body with high-octane fuel. As a maintenance program, consume at least two 8oz glasses of carrot juice along with two to three teaspoons of BarleyMax daily." 
Dr. George Malkmus,  Hallelujah Acres

Start experiencing the wonderful health benefits of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables today!!  BarleyDistributor.com recommends both the Champion and the Green Star Juicers.  We offer both juicers for sale through Hallelujah Acres.  If you would like to order a juicer, please call Hallelujah Acres' Customer Service at (800) 915-9355 to place your order.  Please be sure to  mention T. Harrington (pin# DEI) as your referring Health Minister.

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Champion Juicer

This is a masticating juicer, which breaks up the cells and fibers of food, forcing its nutritional value into the juice. We do not recommend any juicer with a spinning basket because it only shreds the food, leaving much of the nutrients in the pulp. The Champion is extremely well-made, is easy to clean, runs smoothly and quietly, and has a 1-year limited warranty. In addition to juicing fruits and vegetables, you can make banana ice cream, baby food, nut butters and more. 25 lbs. shipping weight, 17" l., 8" w, 13" h. Choose white or almond color.









Green Star Juicer

The Green Star juice extractor is now the preferred juicer at Hallelujah Acres. This model has exactly the same capabilities and features of the Green Power model, including magnetic and bioceramic technology, but the Green Star has a stronger, more compact housing. A wooden plunger and fine screen are included. Common high impact juicers and blenders destroy large numbers of life giving enzymes in the juice by subjecting them to heat and shock produced by metal cutting blades and high speed centrifugal rotation. With the Greenstar, maximum nutrients and enzymes are retained in the juice. The Greenstar juice extractor minimizes the loss of nutrients through the unique triturating twin gear feature, an impeller press system with powerful, low, (110 RPM) turning speed. It generates virtually no heat, thoroughly crushing and pressing fruits and vegetables, instead of cutting and shredding them into small pieces. The result is more living food per glass of juice.



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